Customer Service Policy

It is The ABDL Shop’s policy and responsibility to provide excellent service to the community we love so much. The ABDL Shop will always aim for excellence and professionalism in providing customer service, both inside and outside the organization, within the limits of available, well-managed resources.

We will strive to make sure responses are timely and that issues do not “fall through the cracks.” It is our policy to treat every interaction with the community as an opportunity to produce a satisfied customer, or at least one who feels and knows that they were listened to and taken seriously, even if it was not possible to meet their request.  

With that said, customer feedback helps us measure whether our services are meeting your needs and expectations. It also helps us identify problems that need to be solved. High quality customer service depends on customer feedback.  While praise is always welcome, constructive criticism is truly helpful in the long run. So, we encourage you to let us know if we are not living up to the standard of excellence we set for ourselves by sending an e-mail to

The ABDL Shop Team